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Since its founding in 1993, SANSI has been dedicated to technological innovation in a wide range of LED applications, from commercial displays to home lighting. We fully integrate product design, production, sales, installation, and customer support in our effort to provide affordable and state-of-the-art LED technology...

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As the outdoor lighting source which has a high requirements for durability and stability, the street lights play an indispensable role in our daily life. SANSIs advantage with street lights is our ceramic technology. Ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum and its not conductive to electricity, allowing our LED chips to be molded directly to the ceramic and bringing more security assurance to the products.

Road Lighting

SANSI launched a series of LED grow lighting products and systems in 2020 after two years of successful research and trialing planting projects. Directed towards several main scenarios (greenhouses, vertical farming, household growing and micro indoor landscaping), these products have been widely praised since their appearance on the domestic and overseas markets.

Horticultural Lighting

Industrial Lighting

The LED ceramic pixel high bay lights with SANSI self-developed core technology are always at the forefront of the industry. The unique optical lens and high-power lighting source help them to meet the lighting requirements for different scenarios. The high bay lights, meanwhile, have a stable and efficient heat dissipation system, which are suitable for continuous operating.


In addition to the above lighting industry fields, SANSI has also developed a range of solutions in fields such as tunnel lighting, landscape lighting and home lighting, etc. The thorough and detailed division of the R&D department makes our products more competitive, providing you the best user experiences.

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SANSI, adedicated LED innovator, manufacturer and solution provider since 1993. Any questions, please leave us an message. Thank you!


SANSI LED lighting is the highly practical luminaire with lens technology for all  lighting solutions, including road lighting, tunnel lighting, horticultural lighting, industrial lighting, residential lighting and landscape lighting. It combines the technological efficiency and innovation of LED technology with highly precise light control and outstanding quality of light. The innovative luminaire provides uniform, glare-free illumination for optimum lighting results and maximum visual comfort, with outstanding luminous efficacy and high efficiency.


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On the strength of our cutting-edge technologies, precise market positioning, and customer research, SANSI has developed a service capability that fully meets our clients requirements. SANSI is a provider of professional solutions for a range of industries, including advertising, sports, staging, television, transportation, etc.


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